20 Intuit Software Engineer Interview Questions and Answers

Intuit Software Engineer interviews are an essential part of the application process for many companies. The interviewer can assess your potential within the company and provide you with a job offer. In addition, questioning will help you to understand how Intuit works and what makes the company unique. Intuit Software Engineer Interview Questions can help you stand out from the rest in an interview and demonstrate your skills as an Intuit Software Engineer. This guide provides tips on how to answer these questions glowingly. Here are 20 Intuit Software Engineer Interview Questions and Answers: 

Question 01: What makes you eligible for this Intuit position?

Answers: There are no specific eligibility criteria for this position, but Intuit generally looks for candidates with strong academic performance and relevant work experience.

Question 02: What Is the Intuit Hiring Process for Software Engineers?

Answers: The Intuit hiring process for software engineers generally includes a written assessment followed by an interview with a panel of engineers. Candidates who complete the written examination and interview process will then be asked to complete a coding assignment. Once the coding scheme is completed, candidates will be asked to get involved in an ultimate interview with a panel of senior engineers.

Question 03: What training programs are available to your software engineers?

Answers: Our software engineers receive training on up-to-date software development tools and techniques. They also receive training on how to use our organization’s software development steps. There are many software engineering training programs available to your software engineers. You can search them by online search engines (OSE) or by contacting the program’s office. The most popular programs include the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Polytechnic Institute of America’s (PICA) and MIT’s Sloan School of Management’s (MSM) software engineering programs.

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Question 04: What key things would you look for when reviewing a code?

Answers: When reviewing code, you should look for how well the code is organized, whether it uses proper style and coding conventions, how easy it is to understand and execute, whether there are any errors in the code, and whether it meets your specific needs.

Some key things you would look for when reviewing a code:

  • Is the code well organized and easy to read?
  • Do the variable and function names make sense?
  • Does the correct code follow the conventions of the programming language?
  • Is the code well commented?
  • Is there sufficient testing?
  • Are there any potential security vulnerabilities?
  • Are there any potential performance issues?
  • Are there any potential scalability issues?
  • Is the code maintainable?
  • Is the code robust?

Question 05: What are Intuit values?

Answers: Intuit values are the company’s policies and beliefs about how its products should be used. They can be found on the Intuit website, in company manuals, and Intuit’s product packaging. Some of the more well-known Intuit values include “intelligent investing,” “simple living,” and “the best life.

Also, the Intuit values are:

  • Customer Success
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Teamwork
  •  Work/Life Balance

Question 06: How to count the occurrence of a given character in a String?

Answers: There are many ways to count the occurrence of a given character in a String. The most common way is to use a for loop to iterate over the characters in the String and keep track of the count in a variable. Another way is to use the Java 8 Stream API to count the occurrence of a given character in a String.

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Question 07: Who is the founder of Intuit?

Answers: The founder of Intuit is Scott Cook.

Question 08: How would you control injection risks in SQL?

Answers: Some ways to control injection risks in SQL are to use parameterized queries, use stored procedures, and escape special characters.

Question 09: What do you think makes a great software engineer?

Answers: An extraordinary programmer can take a mind-boggling issue and separate it into more modest, reasonable pieces. They have a strong understanding of algorithms and data structures and can use this knowledge to develop efficient and effective solutions. Great software engineers are also great communicators, as they need to be able to explain their answers to other team members to get buy-in and ensure that the final product meets the customer’s needs.

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Question 10: Explain the concept of “Scope” in JavaScript. 

Answers: In JavaScript, scope refers to the current code execution context. The range determines the visibility of variables and functions within that context. There are two types of content: global scope and local scope. Global coverage refers to the context in which all code is executed. Regional size refers to the context in which code is completed within a function.

software engineer interview questions

Question 11: How long is the Intuit interview process?

Answers: The Intuit interview process usually takes about two weeks. However, this may vary depending on the number of candidates being interviewed and the position you are applying for.

Question 12: Which is the most preferred programming language at Intuit? 

Answers: It is difficult to say which programming language is most preferred at Intuit, as the company uses a variety of languages depending on the project. However, some of the more popular languages used at Intuit include Java, Python, and C++.

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Question 13: What project management tools have you used?

Answers: When starting a new project, it is crucial to choose the right project management tools to help with the process. Many different tools can be used to manage projects, but project management tools are the most popular. I have used various project management tools, including ProofHub, Microsoft Project, Basecamp, Filestage, Zoho Projects, and Trello.

Question 14: How many rounds does an Intuit software engineer interview process have?

Answers: An Intuit software engineer interview process has between 3 and 5 rounds. A round is a meeting with a potential employer that lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Interviewer questions the candidate on their experience, skills, and experiences in software engineering.

Question 15: How do you crack Intuit?

Answers: There is no perfect answer to this vital question, as there are many ways to crack Intuit products. However, some standard methods include using cracks, keygens, or pirated copies of the software.

The following are some of the skills required to crack Intuit interview:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Powerful and smooth analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Good knowledge of accounting and taxation
  • Solid understanding of financial statements
  • Ability to use Intuit’s QuickBooks software

Question 16: What language do you think is the most important for a software engineer to learn?

Answers: No one language is more important for a software engineer to learn than any other. However, learning multiple languages will make a software engineer more versatile and marketable.

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Question 17: What is your favorite language to work with and why?

Answers: I have a few favorite languages that I enjoy working with, but my absolute favorite would have to be Python. I love Python because it is versatile and can be used for different tasks. Additionally, Python has an extensive and supportive community always willing to help newcomers.

Question 18: What separates the best software engineers from the rest?

Answers: Many qualities separate the best software engineers from the rest. They can think abstractly, they can see the big picture, and they can communicate effectively. They also have a great understanding of computer science ideas.

Ten qualities that separate the best software engineers from the rest.

  1. They are great communicators.
  2. They have a strong work ethic.
  3. They are always learning.
  4. They are proactive
  5. They are great problem solvers.
  6. They are great at time management.
  7. They are organized
  8. They can work independently.
  9. They can work well under pressure.
  10. They are always agreeing to help others.

Question 19: What’s the time you identified an issue at work, and how did you solve it?

Answers: I identified an issue at work when I noticed that one of my team members was consistently coming in late and leaving early. I spoke to her about it, and we devised a plan to help her be more punctual. I also talked to her about how her tardiness affected her work and teammates.

Question 20: Why should we hire you as an Intuit software engineer?

Answers: There are many reasons to hire me as an Intuit software engineer. One reason is my experience in the software engineering field. I have been a software engineer for over ten years and have a lot of experience with different programming languages and software development tools.

 Another reason is my education. I have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from a top-class university in BD and i also have a Master’s degree in software engineering from a top-ranking university. I am very familiar with Intuit’s products and services and i am also familiar with Intuit’s culture and values. In my opinion I am a good fit for Intuit because I am a solid worker and passionate about any work. 

Some reasons Why we should hire you as an Intuit software engineer:

  • Intuit is a great workplace because the company provides many resources and support for its employees.
  • The company strongly focuses on customer satisfaction, evident in its customer service and product offerings.
  • Intuit has a strong reputation in the industry, which could help attract leading talent.
  • The company is financially fixed and has a potent growth trajectory.
  • Intuit values employee development and provides opportunities for career advancement.
  • The organization offers a low, competitive benefits package, including health insurance and 401(k) matching.
  • Intuit is a diverse and inclusive workplace, evident in its policies and practices.
  • The organization has a solid commitment to social and environmental responsibility.
  • Intuit is a great place to work because of the people there. The company has a collaborative and supportive culture.
  • Intuit is a great place to work because it is a place where you can make a difference. The company provides employees with opportunities to give back to the community.


In conclusion, Intuit Software Engineer Interview Questions can help ensure that the candidate is competent in programming. The interviewer should ask questions about candidates’ experience and current projects to understand their skills and limitations. Intuit Software Engineer Interview Questions provide relevant questions to ask during an interview. With the right questions, it is possible to understand the candidates’ qualities and why they would be a good fit for the position.