Top 50 Graphic Design Interview Questions and Answers

Are you looking for a job in graphic design? There are many interview questions that graphic designers might be asked during their job search. This article answers the most common questions about graphic design, including what experience is required for certain positions, how to get started in the field, and common interview questions. Here are Top 50 Graphic Design Interview Questions and Answers:

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Question 1: What are graphic design skills?

Answers: Some graphic design skills include using software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Other skills include creativity, typography, layout, and color theory.

Question 2: What is the role of a graphic designer?

Answers: Graphic designers work with clients to create various visual documents, such as brochures, website designs, and advertising. They often work with clients to create a unique look for their products or services. Graphic designers may also work with software to create graphics.

Question 3: Did you know graphic design facts?

Answers: Yes, I did know some graphic design facts. For instance, I knew that the first-ever graphic design was created in 1826 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce.

Question 4: When did you first become interested in graphic design?

Answers: I first became interested in graphic design in childhood. I took some classes and enjoyed them. I did not explore it as an occupation, but I still enjoy doing it as a hobby.

Question 5: Do graphic designers need drawing skills?

Answers: Most graphic designers do not need drawing skills. However, those who want to specialize in print design or illustration may need to be able to draw.

Question 6: How do you approach a design project?

Answers: Each client has their own unique and specific needs. So I listen to what they want and don’t want, then suggest and present possible solutions.

Question 7: What are some of your favorite graphic design tools?

Answers: My favorite design program is Adobe Photoshop. I love how you can manipulate photos and images and create attractive graphics. I also really like the way you can create text effects in Photoshop. Professionally i also use Adobe Illustrator quite a bit for vector illustrations. I think it’s an excellent program for creating clean, crisp graphics.

Question 8: What do you think about color in design?

Answers: Color is one of the most common critical materials in design. Color can set the tone of a structure and can be used to create a certain mood or feeling in a space. Color can also be used to highlight some aspects of a design, and it can be used to create a visual hierarchy.

Question 9: What role does typography play in graphic design?

Answers: Typography plays an indispensable role in graphic design. It can help create a feeling or mood, convey a message, and add visual interest to a format. In addition, good typography can make a design look more professional and polished, while bad typography can create a design look amateurish and sloppy.

Question 10: How do you create balance in a design?

Answers: There are several ways to achieve balance in design: Symmetrical balance: Also called proper credit, this involves precisely balancing the weight, colors, textures, etc., on either side of an imaginary center line. … Asymmetrical balance: Also called informal balance, this involves creating visual stability by placing …

Question 11:  Is graphic design hard?- Graphic Design Interview Questions

Answers: Graphic design is often considered one of the most complicated creative fields to pursue, with many students believing it to be an unrewarding and time-consuming process. However, graphic design can be a rewarding and highly sought-after profession with the right skills and practice.

Question 12: What are some of your favorite graphic design products?

Answers: Some of my favorite graphic design products are Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I also like Sketch, a vector drawing, and animation program.

Question 13: How do you approach layout in design?

Answers: The layout is the part of a design that deals with the arrangement and combination of the various elements on a page or within a space. It is sometimes referred to as composition. Good layout contributes to the overall success of a design and can make the difference between a design that is easy to read and one that is confusing.

Question 14: Can anyone be a graphic designer?- Graphic Design Interview Questions

Answers: In the modern world, it’s becoming increasingly easy to be a graphic designer. Software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign means no longer needing to attend a design college or university to learn the craft.

Question 15: Who needs graphic designers?- Graphic Design Interview Questions

Answers: Companies and organizations need graphic designers to help market their products and services.

Question 16: What are the key strengths of a graphic designer?

Answers: Some critical strengths of graphic designers are their ability to communicate ideas visually, create original designs, think outside the box, and work well under pressure.

Question 17: What are your weaknesses as a graphic designer?

Answers: I have a few weaknesses as a graphic designer. I sometimes have trouble thinking outside the box, and I can be a perfectionist, which can lead to me being unhappy with my work.

Question 18: What are some of your favorite graphic design software programs?

Answers: Some graphic design software programs that are beloved by many graphic designers include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Inkscape. These programs are versatile and allow for a lot of creativity. Some other popular graphic design software programs include GIMP, CorelDRAW, and AutoCAD. It depends on the designer’s preferences regarding the most helpful software.

Question 19: What are some of your favorite graphic design campaigns?


  • Apple’s “I’m a Mac” and “I’m a PC” advertising campaign is one of my favorites. It’s normal, potential, and to the point.
  • Another favorite is “Got Milk?” campaign. It’s clever, memorable, and has been around for years.
  • I also really like the “Think Different” campaign by Apple. It’s inspirational and has some great quotes.

Question 20: What are the seven essential qualities of graphic designers?

Answers: A strong portfolio is the seven most important qualities every graphic designer should have. A strong portfolio is the best step to selling your skills to effective employers. … Honesty. A good graphic designer is honest. … Innovative. … High energy level. … Flexible. … Open to criticism. … Enthusiasm.

Top 50 Graphic Design Interview Questions and Answers

Question 21: What are some of your favorite graphic design websites?

Answers: Some of my favorite graphic design websites are Canva, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Wix.

Question 22: Why should we hire you as a graphic designer?

Answers: There are many reasons to hire a graphic designer, but some of the most common causes include: 

  • A graphic designer can help you to create a professional and polished look for your company.
  • A graphic designer can help you to create marketing materials that are eye-catching and effective.
  • A graphic designer can help you make a visually appealing website easy to navigate.
  • A graphic designer can help you create logos, branding materials, and other marketing collateral to help you stand out from the competition.

Question 23:What is the difference between a graphic designer and a graphic artist?

Answers: A graphic designer is an expert within the graphic design and graphic arts sector who assembles photos, typography, or motion graphics to make a piece of design. A graphic artist is an artist who specializes in the creation of visual art, which is often characterized by its unique, hand-drawn, or painted style.

Question 24:Who is the best graphic designer in the world?

Answers: There is no particular answer to this question as everyone has different graphic design preferences. However, few popular and well-known graphic designers include Paul Rand, Saul Bass, and Massimo Vignelli.

Question 25: What are some of your favorite graphic design products?

Answers: There are many great graphic design products, but some of my favorites include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Inkscape.

Question 26:What are the core graphic design principles?

Answers: The core graphic design principles are unity, hierarchy, balance, contrast, rhythm, and proportion.

Question 27:What are some of your favorite graphic design infographics?


  1. The Periodic Table of Typefaces
  2. The Elements of Typographic Style
  3. The Anatomy of a Typeface
  4. The Ten Commandments of Typography
  5. The History of Graphic Design

Question 28:Who is the father of graphic design?- Graphic Design Interview Questions

Answers: Many people claim to be the father of graphic design, but one man who deserves special recognition is Paul Rand. Rand was a guru of the art form and was responsible for popularizing graphic design’s modern look and feel. He was also a prolific writer, and his works have influenced the field over the years.

Question 29:Which country is famous for graphic design?

Answers: There is no exact answer to this question as graphic design is a global profession. However, some countries typically associated with graphic design include the United States, UK, Japan, Germany, and Canada.

Question 30: What does a graphic designer do daily?- Graphic Design Interview Questions

Answers: A graphic designer may work on various projects, such as designing logos, developing marketing materials, or creating website layouts. They may also be responsible for leading business social media accounts or overseeing the production of printed materials.

Question 31: What is your graphic design process?- Graphic Design Interview Questions

Answers: The graphic design process is the sequence of operations that graphic designers take to complete a project. The measures may vary depending on the project, but they typically include research, planning, designing, and revising.

Question 32: Which country pays the highest to graphic designers?

Answers: According to the BLS, graphic designers in the United States of America earned a median yearly salary of $50,370 in May 2019. Graphic designers in Switzerland, however, made the highest salaries, with a median annual salary of $81,140.

Question 33: What’s trending in graphic design?

Answers: Some popular graphic design trends include: 

  • Minimalism
  • Flat design
  • Bold colors
  • Geometric shapes
  • Grid layouts
  • Asymmetry

Question 34: How do you define graphic design?

Answers: Graphic design is a multidisciplinary field encompassing art, communication, engineering, and graphic design. The target of graphic design is to make compelling visual communication that can engage an audience. Graphic designers use various techniques and methods to achieve this goal. Some standard plans include typography, layout, image composition, color theory, and illustration.

Question 35: What are some of your favorite graphic design exhibits?

Answers: Some of my favorite graphic design exhibits showcase the work of a single artist or designer. I also enjoy shows that focus on a unique theme or subject matter.

Question 36: What is the lifestyle of a graphic designer?

Answers: The lifestyle of a graphic designer can be very creative and flexible. A lot of professional graphic designers are self-employed and service houses. They may work long hours to face deadlines, but they also often have the freedom to set their schedules.

Question 37: What are some of your favorite trade show graphic designs?

Answers: Our favorite trade show graphic designs come from companies like Apple, Nike, and Samsung. They always seem to have creative and eye-catching booths that stand out from the rest.

Question 38: How do you approach the point of purchase design?

Answers: We approach a point of purchase design by understanding the client’s needs and wants and creating a custom solution that meets those needs. We start by understanding the client’s brand and their target audience. We then create a design that is unique to the client, and that will capture the attention of their target audience.

Question 39: What are some of your favorite point of purchase graphic designs?

Answers: I love point-of-purchase graphic designs that are clean and simple. I also love designs that are eye-catching and make a statement.

Question 40: How do you approach restaurant design?

Answers: There is no one perfect answer to this question, as the approach to restaurant design will vary depending on the specific needs and goals of the restaurant. However, some tips on approaching restaurant design include understanding the restaurant’s concept and target audience, considering the layout and flow of the space, and selecting furniture and finishes that will create the desired atmosphere.

restaurant graphic designs

Question 41: What are some of your favorite restaurant graphic designs?

Answers: Some of my favorite restaurant graphic designs incorporate the restaurant’s name and logo into the design, such as the one for the Cheesecake Factory. I also like simple and clean designs, such as Shake Shacks.

Question 42: How do you approach menu design?

Answers: When designing a menu, I like to think about what type of experience I want my diners to have. I want to create a balance of familiar and new dishes, as well as a variety of flavors, textures, and colors. I also consider the seasonality of ingredients and how that can be reflected on the menu.

Question 43: What are some of your favorite menu graphic designs?

Answers: Some of my favorite menu graphic designs include those that are simple, clean, and easy to read. I also like strategies incorporating images or illustrations that complement the restaurant’s overall theme.

Question 44: Do graphic designers make logos?- Graphic Design Interview Questions

Answers: Logos are the iconic visual representations of brands and companies. They’re often simple yet practical designs that help a company stand out from the business competition. But who creates these iconic designs? Most likely, it’s a graphic designer. But is this a full-time career path for someone interested in design? Several schools teach graphic design, so it’s possible to pursue this interest full-time.


Question 45: What are some of your favorite event graphic designs?

Answers: Some of my favorite event graphic designs are simple yet elegant and eye-catching. I also love designs that are creative and unique, and that can make an event stand out.

Question 46: How do you approach magazine design?

Answers: There is no one correct answer to this question as every magazine designer has the process and methods that work best for them. However, some tips on approaching magazine design may include sketching ideas beforehand, thinking about the overall layout and flow, and choosing complementary colors and fonts to make the magazine visually appealing.

Question 47: What is required for graphic design?

Answers: There is no one-way answer to this question as the requirements for graphic design vary depending on the project and the client. However, a graphic designer will generally need a solid understanding of color, typography, frame and composition, and software skills such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign.

Question 48:  Is graphic design a tech job?- Graphic Design Interview Questions

Answers: Graphic design is one of the oldest and most traditional art forms, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a tech job. While it may not always be the first thing people think of when they hear “tech job,” graphic design falls into the digital design category. Many of the tools and techniques used in graphic design—from Adobe Photoshop to Inkscape—are often used in digital marketing and web development.

Question 49: Is graphic design in high demand?

Answers: There is no question that graphic design is in high demand these days. Many people see it as a versatile and creative field that can help them create beautiful and functional designs. What may surprise you is just how many several parts of graphic design there are. Whether you’re a fan of traditional design cues or prefer to experiment with new techniques, there’s likely a type of graphic design that will appeal to you.

Question 50: What duties do graphic designers have?

Answers: Graphic designers typically have the following duties: 

  • Meeting with customers or art directors to talk the goals of a program
  • Generating ideas for the project
  • Creating rough sketches of the design
  • Developing the final design
  • Reviewing the final plan with the client or art director
  • Making revisions to the program as needed
  • Preparing the design for print or digital publication


In conclusion, these 50 graphic design interview questions and answers will help you land your dream job. Be prepared to answer these helpful questions in a visual design interview, as they will be covered in a standard assessment process. Use this resource to increase your chances of being selected for a position and good luck!