Easy Ways to Make Image Post Production Service Faster

Do you know about professional photography? If yes, you are quite familiar with the image post-production service, used to renovate photos by rectifying errors and improving colors so that the capture appears the best and most vibrant. Unfortunately, the process requires a long time, and it is an uphill task. So you might think it’s better to look for an Image Post Production Service Provider Near Me to get a professional touch in your product photography. 

Today, I will discuss 5 Easy Ways To Make IMAGE POST PRODUCTION SERVICE Faster to make your life easy. Let’s move to the details. 

The Focal Point of Image Post-production Service

Though the term ‘post-production’ goes with movie-making, it is now equally applicable to photography. Post-production is the 3rd step in photography, whereas the other two steps are pre-production and during photography. 

An imperfection in the photo makes the picture dull, lowering the quality and distracting the viewer. Hence, image post-production service acts as the solution to resolve all the problems and make the photo flawless-gorgeous to attract the viewer. The ultimate goal of image post-production service is to sweeten photo formation and quality. 

Easy Ways to Make Image Post Production Service are as below: 


Are you scared of hearing that photo editing takes a lot of time? Well, don’t be frightened. I am sharing 5 Easy Ways To Make IMAGE POST PRODUCTION SERVICE Faster. Let’s know them : 

Way-1: Crop and Straighten Your Photos

As a part of image-post production, you can crop your photo to exterminate undesirable components and enhance the subject as below: 

  • Open the image and select the crop tool from the tool panel or press the R key. 
  • Pick the Angle tool from the ‘Crop & Straighten’ panel and drag the portion to straighten. 
  • Now drag any edge of the crop border to resize the area.
  • Alternatively, you can input the ratio for cropping. The standard ratio is 1×1 or 5×7. 
  • Conclusively, click the ‘Done’ command located underneath and save the file. 

Way-2: Modify Brightness and Contrast

Brightness and Contrast are important components of a beautiful photo, but sometimes they get imperfection for various reasons. So let’s know below the quick way of modifying Brightness and Contrast: 

  1. Open the image and go to the menu bar to select Image. 
  2. Select Adjustments and then pick the Brightness and Contrast from the options. 
  3. Move the Brightness slider left to right to change the image’s overall Brightness. 
  4. Repeat the process to modify the Contrast and click OK. 

Way-3: Image Marking

Image masking is one of the image post-production services to remove unwanted background or objects from the photo. You can find a lot of such service providers if you google it, writing ‘Image Masking Service Near Me.’ Cut Out Image is one of them. So now, let’s know-how simply you can use the image masking in your photo: 

  • Open the picture in photoshop and make a selection of the subject by using any selection tools based on your subject and the background. 
  • Click on the ‘Add a vector mask’ at the lower panel of the Layers panel.
  • Alternatively, right-click on the selected area to pick the ‘Select & Mask’ option.
  • A new dialogue box will arrive with options. 
  • Nevertheless, you can choose ‘Layer Mask’ and press ok to continue.
  • After completing it, It is correct now. The mask is applied. Save the photo online. 

Way-4: Color Correction 

Color correction service fixes the color issue and vivid the picture with the appropriate color. You can search ‘Color Correction Service Near Me‘ on google to find professional services for your business that can boost your sales. Now, let’s know how easily you can change the color of photos as a part of image post-production: 

  • Open the photo in Photoshop and go to the menu bar to select Adjustments. 
  • From the available options under Adjustments, select Replace Color. A pop-up will appear with some options.
  • Keeping the pop-up open, click on the photograph’s color you need to modify.  
  • You will find an eyedropper in the pop-up box. Select plus signed eyedropper and click the result part at the bottom with a color box. 
  • As a result, a color option will appear. From there, select the preferred color and click OK. It will alter the object’s color. 
  • Again, go to the “Replace Color” dialogue box, move the Hue slider left to right to adjust the color, and click OK. 
  • Finally, you have easily changed the picture color. 

Way-5: Remove Unwanted Object

Removing unwanted objects is one of the image post-production services that distracts attention from the photo. Now we will learn how to remove the unwanted object or spot from the picture using photoshop step by step below: 

  • Open the photo in photoshop and zoom in to find out the spot you want to remove. 
  • From the left tool panel, select the Spot Healing Brush Tool, and then at the above panel, set the Type as ‘Content Aware.’ 
  • Now carefully brush over the object you want to remove, and unfailingly Photoshop will fix the selected area’s pixels. 
  • Finally, save the photo.

Tips for an Image Post Production Service

We already know that image post-production service is a lengthy process. But we can save our time for editing by following some tricks. Let’s know those: 

  • Cull More Than Once: You might have captured thousands of photos but won’t edit all, right? The culling process helps identify the photos you will keep for the image post-production process. So, to save your time, you should cull the images twice to preserve the best of the best.
  • Edit Only the Finest Photos: There would still be some unnecessary photos after culling twice. So, try to pick the best images featuring the core event. For example, if you do image post-production for wedding photography, you should keep the best photos focusing on the program’s every stage. 
  • Use Lightroom Presets: Presets help in saving time. So, try to keep your most frequent edits as a preset, or you can collect from online for free. Remember, you might like 100+ presets but try to keep the list within 10 for consistency in work. 
  • Apply a Monitor Calibration: Monitor Calibration will help you ensure the correct color of the picture, both on the screen and real. So, try to install one for the best output.
  • Use Photoshop Actions: Photoshop actions can accelerate the post-processing procedure. You have to record your most common edits to save as action, or you can buy them online. Then, when needed, you just have to click on the action, and the result will appear instantly, saving your time. 

Photography is an art, and image post-production beautifies the art professionally. However, image post-production is difficult to execute, but following some tricks can save time and energy. Hence, I have shared some tips and ways to make the process faster. Try to do it according to the directions and let me know your experience. You can enlighten us with more tips if you have any in the comments beneath.