Flat Lay Photography Ideas in 2023

Flat-lay styling is a popular photographic technique used to present items aesthetically pleasing and creatively. This type of photography is used to capture daily items, fashion accessories, and other objects. Using creative and effective composition, flat-lay styling allows us to create a unique and eye-catching image. Flat-lay styling can showcase items and create beautiful and distinctive images—photography ideas through the creative use of angles, shadows, and various backgrounds. There are endless flat lay photography ideas to choose from. I will share various flat lay photography ideas in this post.

What is Flat-Lay Photography?

Flat lay photography is an art form (specifically, product photography) where items are arranged on a flat surface from an aerial perspective and then photographed directly above. This photography style lets viewers see the relationships between different objects and the elements that make up a complete picture. It’s a creative way to make a flat surface interesting, as the photographer can try different angles, textures, colors, and patterns to create a unique composition.

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Importance of Flat Lay Photography

Flat-lay photography is one of the most effective and popular visual marketing strategies. It is becoming increasingly popular for brands and businesses as it can be used to create content that looks attractive, modern, and professional. Using a flat-lay photography style, businesses can easily highlight and showcase their products, show off promotional items, and create a brand identity. It is also a great way to show off the details of a product or service that wouldn’t be easily visible otherwise. Flat-lay photography effectively demonstrates the quality of the product or service, engages customers, and creates visual interest.

20 Flat Lay Photography Ideas in 2023

Flat-lay photography has become an extremely popular genre of photography in recent years. Its simple yet highly effective style can be used to create stunning images. You can transform ordinary items into creative masterpieces with just a few creative ideas. Here are 20 flat-lay photography ideas you can use to create stunning images.

  1. Gourmet picnic:

Arrange a collection of high-end picnic foods (like cheeses, slices of bread, charcuterie, and sauces) on a decorated blanket with a wicker picnic basket, colorful napkins and utensils, and a simple wildflower bouquet in the corner.

  1. Etsy shop: 

Feature your handmade products (jewelry, pottery, drawings, etc.) on a rustic wood backdrop with pieces of fabric, a small houseplant in the frame, and some decorative accents, like macrame and feathers.

  1. Art supplies: 

Display your favorite markers, pencils, erasers, and sketchbooks on a white fabric backdrop, with a colorful artist’s palette mixed in to complete the creative look.

  1. Office supplies: 

Group supplies that you need for work or school (like pens, notebooks, planners, post-its, and washi tape) on a clean surface that contrasts with the items, like a modern desk with a faux or real marble top.

  1. Coffee time: 

Show off your favorite mug and coffee-themed items (like beans, coffee grinder, milk frother, and special coffee blends) on a cozy blanket or tablecloth. Add a coffee sticker or sign to put the look over the top.

  1. Haircare

Set up the products you adore most for styling your hair—curlers, straighteners, mousses, and serums—on a background that reflects your signature style.

  1. Snack attack: 

Recreate a mini grocery store with a selection of favorite snacks (like chips, jerky, crackers, and popcorn) on a table that features jars, containers, and a mini wagon.

  1. Natural beauty: 

Take a cue from nature and photograph your beauty products (lotions, scrubs, lip balms, etc.) on a grassy floor with other organic elements, like stones and twigs.

  1. Sundown snacks: 

Create an evening snack with a selection of treats (like crudités and dip, candies, and beers) on a patterned tablecloth, along with a themed item to anchor the flat lay, like a beach towel or colourful astroturf.

  1. Summertime memories: 

Place summer-themed items (like sunscreen, sunglasses, a beach towel, a cooler, and sandals) on a tiled floor, complete with a beach scene in the background.

  1. Self-care reminders: 

Feature beauty, wellness, and bathroom items (like an affirmation card, a lush bath bomb, a scented candle, and a beauty product) on a white surface with a positive sticky note left at the centre.

  1. Retro tech: 

Gather vintage tech items, like an old-school camera and receiver, and display them neatly on a gingham backdrop or against a backdrop with a vintage texture for a nostalgic-inspired flat lay.

  1. Traveling items: 

Select items you would normally take with you on a trip (like an airplane ticket, passport, and earplugs) and arrange them in an organized formation on a colorful journal, stationery, and a globe for a global feel.

  1. Book love: 

Gather a stack of books (one cookbook, one classic novel, some art books, graphic novels, etc.) on a luxe pillow or textile to represent your reading habits.

  1. Kids’ corner: 

Assemble various toys, Action figures, and art materials (like Play-Doh, crayons, markers, and paper) on a chalkboard table with some fresh apples nearby to denote a kid-friendly corner.

  1. Summer staycation: 

Showcase items that you would need for a typical summer day—pool float, sunscreen, bath towel, and hat—on a beachy or tropical background to give off a relaxed vibe.

  1. Bedtime

Capture a gentle and tranquil bedtime routine with items like an eye mask, essential oil, and a mug of herbal tea, along with a soft blanket and sleep mask scattered around and on top.

  1. Tea party: 

Lay out tea cups, a few teapots, cookies, and other tea-time items on a gilded tray, a velvet pillow, and a bright napkin to create a classically regal tea party look.

  1. Kitchenware: 

Organize kitchen items (like vessels, utensils, kitchen gadgets, and cutlery) on a clean surface and style them according to color, shape, or pattern for a chic industrial feel.

  1. Dreamcatchers: 

Hang dreamcatchers in the background and set up a flattened bohemian blanket with throw pillows, rugs, and feathers for an earthy and boho-inspired flat lay.

These flat-lay photography ideas will help you gain a unique perspective on your products, creating aesthetic images that intrigue and inspire your viewers. Have fun exploring these 20 flat-lay photography ideas, and let your creativity run wild. Good luck!

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Flat Lay Photography Ideas at Home

Endless flat-lay photography ideas at home can be used to create stunning photos. Whether you’re looking for a simple snap of your house in the sun or an intricately designed photo shoot, there’s a way to create a memorable photograph at home. Here are some of our favourite flat-lay photography ideas at home

  • Clothes: With the ability to switch out and style different outfits comes a fun opportunity to lay out several pieces of clothing to form a neat, balanced, and visually appealing shot. Add accessories or extra items like a cute little hat or handbag for a unique touch!
  • Shoes: Whether it’s sneakers or sandals, high heels or flats, a flat lay featuring different types of footwear can be a great way of showing off a collection or even just one pair.
  • Books and Magazines: Whether it’s a stack of old novels or a collection of recent magazines, flat lays can be a great way of showcasing a library without having to take pictures of each piece.
  • Plants: Showcasing the beauty of nature by laying out plants and flowers in different shapes and colors is a great way to capture the beauty of greenery.
  • Jewelry: Create an eye-catching shot by layering pendants, necklaces, and rings on different flat surfaces.
  • Food: Create an interesting flat lay by arranging different treats in interesting ways.
  • Coffee and Tea: Our morning cup of joe is something special, and flat lays can be a great way to capture the ritual of making our favorite caffeinated brew.
  • Desk Supplies: Get creative and showcase the beauty of stationery with a fun flat lay showcasing your favorite pens, highlighters, notebooks, and more!
  • Electronics: Capture the latest gadgets with an interesting flat lay to show off the newest pieces of technology.
  • Knick-knacks: Give everyday items a special treat by arranging them creatively for a fun and unique flat lay.

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Flat Lay Photography Ideas for Clothes

This part will discuss tips and ideas for taking great flat-lay clothes photos. You’ll learn how to use the right lighting, styling techniques, and props to make your flat-lay photos look professional and aesthetically pleasing. Let’s get started!

  1. Working from home essentials: 

Create a flat lay of cozy clothes such as a soft sweater, slippers, and a laptop, perfect for a day of remote work.

  1. Outfit of the day: 

Take a picture of stylish pieces such as a leather jacket, a block-color top, and trendy sneakers for those who love to make a fashion statement.

  1. Comfy and relaxed: 

For a relaxed but still put-together look, lay out pieces such as leggings, a cozy hoodie, and sneakers—ideal for a day of working from home, running errands, or lounging.

  1. Athletic chic: 

Showcase an athletic outfit such as a tank top, sports bra, slim-fit leggings, and running shoes.

  1. Street style: 

Layout some bold streetwear looks with a t-shirt, joggers, and a cool pair of statement sneakers.

  1. Casual wardrobe: 

Create a classic everyday look with jeans, a t-shirt, flats, and a blazer for a sophisticated, timeless style.

  1. Holiday style: 

Get into the season’s spirit with a selection of summer-ready items, including shorts, a pretty sundress, and sandals.

  1. Night out: 

Showcase the perfect party outfit with a bold dress, statement heels, and some stylish jewelry.

  1. Beach day: 

Lay out beachwear such as a bikini, beach tunic, and a pair of sandals for an instantly perfect look.

  1. Statement clothes: 

Highlight statement pieces such as a funky patterned dress, colorful scarf, and killer heels for a show-stopping look.

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Flat Lay Photography Ideas for Books

Flat-lay photography can be used to create stunning books. By taking advantage of the natural light in the air, you can create a subdued and minimalistic look for your book covers. There are several ways to approach flat-lay photography, so choose the best suited for your project. Here are some flat-lay photography ideas for books:

  • Create a ‘library’ vibe by stacking books of differing sizes and textures.
  • Create a rhythm or pattern with the book spines, allowing the spines to be the photo star.
  • Layer or contrast a book with a plant, or pair a modern book with a classic tome.
  • Place a cup of coffee, tea, notebook, and pen next to the book to create a creative, productive atmosphere.
  • Place a book open on the page with a bookmark sticking out.
  • Create a ‘reading nook’ with books, throw pillows, and a blanket draped nearby.
  • Feature the front cover of the book front and center in the photo.
  • Include a desktop accessory, such as a pen, scissors, and paperWeight, as a contrast against the books.
  • Incorporate other creative props, like fairy lights, ribbons, and candies, for a whimsical feeling.
  • Take a macro photo of the details of the text on the page, the corner of the cover, etc.

Flat Lay Product Photography Ideas

Here are some flat-lay product photography ideas: 

  1. Take pictures of the product in decorative packaging.
  2. Feature the product in an office with books, plants, and other items.
  3. Create a scene with the product with items related to the product, like a laptop for a mouse.
  4. Incorporate travel items like a passport, plane ticket, and luggage for electronics like a camera or phone.
  5. Add a variety of textures to the flat lay, like linen, velvet, lace, or fur.
  6. Try using an elevated background, so the product is the main focus.
  7. Capture the product from different angles or with the product in motion.
  8. Include a few props like sunglasses, wallets, or candles.
  9. Photograph the product with coins or small paper currency.
  10. Integrate seasonal items to give your photos a unique feel.

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Flat Lay Food Photography Ideas

Food photography is one of the most aesthetically pleasing types of photography out there. Flat-lay food photography is becoming increasingly popular as it allows for some unique and creative ideas to capture the beauty of food. Whether you’re looking to capture the perfect Instagram flat lay for your business’ brand or just a snap for your culinary experiment, below are some flat lay food photography ideas that can help you out. Here are some flat-lay food photography ideas:

  • Fresh Fruits: 

Fresh, bright-colored slices of assorted fruits arranged in a circle around a bowl of yogurt.

  • Ice Cream Sundae: 

A scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream atop a bed of thick chocolate fudge sauce, surrounded by a jumble of colorful, crunchy toppings.

  • Grilled Cheese: 

Melty, golden-brown slices of cheese on a loaf of lightly toasted sourdough bread, with a side of crispy chips and a dill pickle spear.

  • Pancakes

Three fluffy pancakes stacked, one on top of the other, with a generous dollop of butter and a drizzle of maple syrup down the side.

  • Veggie Sandwich: 

An open-faced sandwich of grilled veggies like bell pepper, zucchini, and mushroom, finished with a sprinkle of herbs and a drizzle of olive oil.

  • Bagel Board: 

An array of colorful bagels with a variety of sweet and savory spreads and toppings, such as cream cheese, peanut butter, and bacon crumbles.

  • Cheese Platter: 

A selection of cheeses, from creamy Brie to sharp cheddar, accompanied by slices of fresh fruit, nuts, and crackers.

  • Egg Salad: 

A heaping bowl of creamy egg salad with crunchy bits of celery and dill, topped with a sprinkle of parsley and a squeeze of lemon.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie: 

A warm, oven-baked chocolate chip cookie with a few extra chips sprinkled on top and a scoop of ice cream alongside it.

  • Noodle Bowl: 

A colorful bowl full of cooked noodles, vegetables, herbs, and a savory sauce, served with fresh julienned vegetables.

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Essential Equipment for Flat Lay Photography

This part will discuss the essential equipment for flat-lay photography, including cameras, lenses, tripods, and software options. With the right equipment and setup, you’ll be able to create stunning flat-lay images.

1. Tripod – A tripod is essential for creating flat lays. It helps to ensure the camera stays steady and in the same place during shutter bursts, thus minimizing blurriness and increasing sharpness in the photo.

2. Camera and Lens – A digital camera with a good-quality lens is necessary for shooting high-resolution photos. A low-aperture lens (e.g., f/2.8) captures crisp, sharp images.

3. Natural Light – Natural light is key for capturing the beauty of flat lays. Take advantage of the sun during a bright day and dedicate time to capturing the desired shot.

4. Backdrop – Using a neutral-colored backdrop or prop helps to make the photo ‘pop.’ Pieces of fabric, wooden boards, or marble slabs work great.

5. Props – Props are key for styling a flat lay. Make sure they are an extension of the story you want to tell, not just random objects. Potted plants, stationery, books, and other small items work well.

6. Editing Software – Editing software can help to bring life to the photo and correct color, contrast, and exposure. Photoshop is the industry standard, so consider investing in this editing suite.

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Why is flat lays important for photography?

There are a few reasons why flat lays are so important for photography. First, when photographing people or pets from a distance, it is often difficult to see the shape of their bodies. Flat-lay photography allows you to capture the outline of the person or pet in all its glory. Also, because flat-lay photography does not require a tripod, it can be taken anywhere at any time.

Why use flat-lay photography?

There are many reasons why photographers want to use flat-lay photography. Flat-lay photography allows photographers to capture images without needing a tripod or other support system. This allows photographers to capture images with as little space as possible between the camera and the subject. Additionally, flat-lay photography can be used to create more naturalistic images. By capturing images this way, photographers can attain a more realistic image that is difficult to achieve with other methods.


Flat-lay photography is a creative style of photography that many people have used to showcase their products or services. By utilizing objects, composition, and backgrounds, one can create amazing images that will grab the attention of potential customers or clients. It’s important to use various flat-lay photography ideas relevant to the product or service and other visual elements to make the photograph stand out. With the right tools, it’s possible to create stunning flat-lay compositions that endear viewers of the product or service.

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