Creative Large Family Photo Ideas, Outfit Ideas and Poses

Creating a family photo is a great way to capture special memories and commemorate your unique relationships! But with so many Creative Large Family Photo Ideas out there, it can take a lot of work to narrow it down and come up with something special. We have compiled some unique, creative ideas for large family photos with outfit suggestions and pose ideas along the way. Whether you’re taking a formal portrait or a more casual one, these ideas will inspire you to create a touching family photo that your family will treasure for years.

Creative Large Family Photo Ideas

Large families have the unique challenge of collecting everyone at the same moment. It takes creativity to capture all the family members in the same space without having it look too posed. Here are 30 creative large family photo ideas for capturing the fun and love in your large family. These tips can help inspire your next large family photo session, from colourful props to coordinating outfits to using the scenery. Check out the Creative Large Family Photo Ideas list below and get inspired!

  1. Have everyone write a letter to the person sitting next to them on why they’re grateful for them. Snap a picture of the family reading the letters.
  2. Have each family member pick their favourite hobby or activity and create a photo shoot focusing on their chosen activity.
  3. Grab some props and make a mini photo booth. Have each person pose with their props in a silly way.
  4. Set up outside on your porch or lawn, let each family member stand in a different location, and make a silly face or action.
  5. Have each family member wear the same clothing in solid colours and pick a theme.
  6. Put together a treasure hunt and have each family member hide something for the rest of the family to find. Capture the moment when the family finds their hidden objects.
  7. Play a board game together outside and take a picture of the entire family around the game board.
  8. Put together family puzzles and take a picture when they are finished.
  9. Create a game of charades and have each family member act out a word or phrase. Capture everyone’s reactions when the word is guessed correctly.
  10. Put a big blanket picnic outside and capture the moment everyone is on the blanket.
  11. Have each family member create a sign that describes themselves and snap a picture of the family holding their signs.
  12. Have everyone dress up like their favourite superhero and jump in the air to create a dynamic effect.
  13. Stand on opposite sides of a door frame and have each person take a step forward to create the effect of a family hug while getting the photo.
  14. Create a photo booth session with a large mirror, fun props, and silly poses.
  15. Have each family member pick their favourite song and then create a choreographed dance routine to perform. Capture the moments as they dance.
  16. Have each family member write down goals they would like to achieve in the upcoming year and have everyone read their goals aloud. Capture the moment they are comparing their goals.
  17. Head out to the park and play a game of family tag. Have various family members take turns taking photos of the energetic game.
  18. Spend a day in the backyard or beach, flying kites. Capture the moment of each family member’s kite taking flight.
  19. Line up for a family jump shot.
  20. Have each family member stand and make a funny face or gesture.
  21. Choose a theme for each individual, such as a decade, the 1950s, or a movie character.
  22. Visit a pumpkin patch and have each family member pick a special pumpkin for their photo.
  23. Bundle up in a pile of blankets and have each person pop out of their blanket.
  24. Create a photo portrait with everyone’s hands in the centre, forming a heart.
  25. Have each family member pick a funny pose and pose together in that pose.
  26. Take a classic group photo with each person looking into the camera.
  27. Gather in a doorway with each person having a different expression.
  28. Have each family member write down a special memory with the family and capture the moment as they share their stories.
  29. Spend a day at the beach and capture the moments as each family member runs around or plays in the sand.
  30. Have each family member share the best advice they’ve been given and create a circle with everyone seated and talking or sharing their advice.

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Large Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Having a large family can often take time to organize, especially when taking family photos. However, with the right planning, everyone in your family can be present and coordinated in perfect harmony. We have put together 20 large family photo outfit ideas to help make coordinating easier and to ensure that everyone will look amazing in your photos! Whether you’re looking for colour-coordinated outfits or stylish statement pieces, you can find something to suit your style. So grab the family, and let’s get styling!

Classic Preppy: 

All family members are dressed in neutral colours with a hint of navy, red, or white. Dad could wear a navy blazer, khakis, and a white dress shirt; mom a navy and white polka dot dress; kids two-piece khaki outfits.

Colourful Country:

Everyone is wearing jeans and flannels with a brightly coloured scarf or tie. For instance, Dad in light blue jeans, a navy and red plaid flannel, and a bright red scarf; Mom in dark wash jeans, a plaid shirt, and a yellow scarf; Kids in jeans and assorted patterned and brightly coloured onesies.

Bohemian Chic: 

Add a boho twist to the family portrait with relaxed layers, textures, and statement accessories. Dad could wear a denim jacket, white shirt, and tan pants; mom a knitted dress and ethnic-inspired jewellery; Kids in lightweight maxi dresses.

All White Everything: 

White symbolizes unity and looks great when everyone dresses in different shades of the same colour. Dad could wear white chinos, a crisp white dress shirt, and a light grey sweater; Mom a sleeveless white gown and delicate jewellery; Kids could be in white jeans and white dress shirts.

Colourful Summer: 

Mix and match the family’s favourite colours to create a cohesive look perfect for a summer portrait. Dad could wear beige shorts, an olive green shirt and a blue hat; Mom a long flowy skirt and colourful blouse; Kids in bright hues and patterns, such as orange shorts and a yellow top.

Fun in the Sun: 

Take your family’s summer portrait to the beach. Dad could wear a blue checked shirt, white shorts and a wide-brimmed hat; Mom a white maxi dress and sandals; Kids swimsuits and sunglasses.

Smart Nautical: 

Nothing says summertime like nautical-inspired outfits. Dress Dad in a navy suit and white dress shirt with a hint of bright red; Mom in a navy and white maxi dress and sailor hat; Kids in red, white, and blue outfits with sailor stripes.

All Black Everything: 

Make a statement with a serious all-black look. Dad in a black blazer, white dress shirt and skinny black jeans; Mom in an all-black jumpsuit and oversized hat; Kids in black and grey leggings, dresses and tops.

Vintage Glam: 

Capture your family’s personality in a timeless vintage look. Dad could wear a dark-tailored suit, check vest and white shirt; Mom a floor-length gown and vintage-inspired jewellery; Kids in dressy one-piece outfits with lace and bows.

Rocker Chic: 

Take a memorable family portrait with a modern punk rock vibe. Dad could be in a black ensemble of black pants and a leather jacket; Mom a long, fitted dress and statement accessories; Kids in t-shirts, jeans, and chunky boots.


Make a chic statement with high-fashion style. Dad could wear an athletic-inspired outfit such as a track jacket and joggers; Mom a designer dress and stilettos; Kids in designer separates.

All Denim: 

Embrace the American style with a casual all-denim look. Dad in slim-fit jeans, denim trucker jacket and white t-shirt; Mom a white denim dress and cowboy boots; Kids in jeans, denim skirts, and ballet flats.

Tweed and Pearls: 

Bring a classic nod to the family portrait with tweed and pearls. Dad could wear a tweed suit, light blue dress shirt, and pearl cufflinks; Mom a tweed dress and pearl necklace; Kids in tweed and a variety of colours matching the pearl accessories.

Pattern Play: 

Showcase your family’s personality with a patterned style. Dad in plaid trousers and a plain t-shirt; Mom in a maxi skirt and a colourful printed blouse; Kids in an array of colours and shapes that coordinate with mom’s look.

Retro Style: 

Go back in time with an unforgettable retro feel. Dad in a tweed sports coat, trousers, and a vintage dress shirt; Mom a fitted dress and a statement belt; Kids in bright colours and patterns that fit the era.


Use your home’s natural woodsy backdrop as inspiration for your rustic look. Dad in khaki chinos, a plaid shirt and boat shoes; Mom in a long maxi dress and natural accessories; Kids in neutral colours such as tan, cream and brown.

Cheeky Stripes: 

Have some fun with your family portrait, and unexpectedly use stripes! Dad in a grey striped suit and black dress shirt; Mom in a colourful dress with a coordinating striped jacket; Kids in trendy striped separates.

Safari Chic:

 Add a hint of adventure to your family portrait! Dad could wear khaki shorts, a white polo, and a hat; Mom a maxi dress with a statement necklace; Kids could be in mini-military style coats and shorts.


 All the family dressed up in western-inspired styles! Dad in a plaid shirt with jeans and cowboy boots; Mom in a dress with a leather belt and statement shoes; Kids in cotton shirts, jeans, and cowboy boots.

Fall Colors: 

Capture your family during autumn with contrasting colours like orange, brown and yellow. Dad is in a brown sweater, khaki pants and an orange scarf; Mom has a yellow dress and orange scarf; Kids are in orange sweaters, brown jeans and black shoes.

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Large Family Photo Poses

Large family photos provide a lasting memory of the family you cherish. Posing for them initially seems daunting, especially if you have a large family. However, with the right planning, you can capture meaningful and beautiful images that will be treasured for years. Many different large family photo poses can make for the perfect photograph, ranging from traditional to modern. From group hugs to posed shots, here are 20 large family photo poses that will make your photos unique, special and memorable!

#01. Fake Vacation – 

Have everyone dress up in beach clothes, with fun beach accents such as sunglasses, hats, and beach toys, posed in front of a plain backdrop or even just a large paint swatch.

#02. Double Deck Poses – 

Have all family members line up side-by-side on two stairs, looking towards the camera.

#03. Family Inside Joke – 

Capture a funny family inside joke or silly prank moment.

#04. Group Hug – 

Gather everyone into a big group hug!

#05. Celebratory Clink –

 Get everyone together for a celebratory clink of glasses or bottles filled with non-alcoholic beverages.

#06. Patriotic Salute – 

Show your country pride by having the whole family don some red, white, and blue clothing and then do a military-style, hand-on-heart heartfelt salute.

#07. Musical Performance – 

Get everyone to pick an instrument and form a musical performance.

#08. Walk in Formation – 

Get the family lined up side-by-side and walk in and out of the frame.

#09. Overall Jumper Poses – 

Everyone gets into their most colourful and festive overalls and then strikes a pose together in fun ways.

#10. Sports Day – 

Don some sports gear and recreate a fun sports day or tournament scene.

#11. Talent Show – 

Show off each family member’s special talent.

#12. Superheroes – 

Don some costumes and put on your best superhero poses.

#13. Flash Mob – 

Get the whole family together for a spontaneous and fun ‘flash mob’ photo shoot.

#14. Winner! – 

Pretend the family just won a competition and strike the ‘we just won!’ pose.

#15. Animal Antics – 

Everyone wears their best animal costume and strikes a wild and zany pose.

#16. Tea Party – 

Have a pretend tea party, and make sure there’s a balloon and some fun decorations.

#17. Creative Props – 

Get creative with props for the photo, such as colourful umbrellas, balloons, and banners.

#18. Framed Family – 

Have everyone pose around a large picture frame.

#19. Mix and Match – 

Separate everyone into pairs, with one person striking a pose in front and the other behind them, adding an extra layer of depth to the photo.

#20 Sleepy Heads – 

Have everyone line up and layout on their stomachs with their heads propped up in their hands.

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Conclusion [ Creative Large Family Photo Ideas ]

Creative large family photo ideas, outfit ideas and poses should be considered carefully when planning a large family photo. It is important to consider the family’s style and budget and how to get the best shot for everyone. With the right planning and effort, a personalized and special large family photo can be created that will be cherished for years.

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